Veterans Mental Healthcare Services

Veterans Mental Healthcare Services

My barrier is on Veterans Mental Healthcare Services. For this assignment you will use the “HLT-494 Capstone Project Approval Form” to inform the instructor of the health care barrier or issue that you would like to focus on throughout this course. As a reminder, the topic you focus on must be relevant to the field of health care administration and should not focus on aspects of direct patient care. Use the “HLT-494 Capstone Project Approval Form” to present the purpose, the problem, and its significance to your instructor. The word count on this assignment should range from 250 to 500 words. Faculty will then provide you with feedback on your topic and suggestions on modifications you will need to make before beginning your logic model in Topic 2.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected

HLT-494 Capstone Project Approval Form

A professional capstone project should highlight the areas in which you have gained proficiency in all your health care administration courses to date. With this in mind, you must select a topic that will address a health care barrier that is relevant to health care administration and does not focus on patient care, rather improving some focus of health care in a manner that may be accomplished, implemented, and evaluated by those in health care administration.

A short description of the general proposed scope of your project (addressing technology, efficiency, access, quality, etc.):

The anticipated health care organization (HCO) that would best benefit from this proposal (hospital, health clinic, dental office, insurance organization, etc.):

Briefly suggest how this proposal will address a health care administration issue and not a clinical issue (reduce turnover, data link, wearable data, identify resources for determinants of health, etc.:

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