moral status of pornography and prostitution

Moral status of pornography and prostitution

1) The pornography industry is one of the most lucrative in the nation— some estimates are that it grosses more than $4 billion annually—however the women and girls who work in this industry see very little of that money. Prostitution as well is highly profitable for a growing number of pimps and human traffickers selling both women and children. What are the legal and moral differences between these two types of sex work, and how have changing social norms contributed to the legal status of both today?

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***Adler, F., Mueller, G. O. W., & Laufer, W. S. (2018). Criminology. McGraw-Hill Education. ISBN 978-0-07-814096-9

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There are actually no differences when it comes to moral status of pornography and prostitution. Pornography is something that has develop reasonably much like prostitution have become. Pornography is described as sexually raw material in videos or films (Adler et al., (2018). According to Adler et al. (2018), “traditionally, the damage has been seen as a harmful result on public morals, particularly those of children (p. 337-338). We are nourishing into our youthful generation that it’s all right to look at porn or even partake of it. Though in this field of pornography, its legal if these companies are obeying the laws. With the existing human trafficking condition today, I would not be shocked if some of these people are a part of this industry.

Because of prostitution the app OnlyFans comes to mind. In my view OnlyFans is a legal way for prostitution to be socially right. People might make a profile and post necked pictures, videos, and chats for money. It’s miserable as what social media has become today. Creating an app that say this is acceptable is not acceptable. I was astonished to discover some lawbreakers and people that I know are making use of this app. It’s terrible to reason that it’s acceptable for this app to exist. As prostitution in Las Vegas is legal it’s irrational as well.

It is well known that both pornography and prostitution are morally wrong, but the world has become comfortable to this status. Companies in both are making sure they are operating by the law so it’s legal. While there are legal differences between prostitution and the industry of pornography, it’s depressing to say legal in some cases. Today’s culture with social media has made it acceptable for it to be socially acknowledged to some but trust me, it is not acceptable to all.


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