Scientific Thinking: Radiolab Podcast

Scientific Thinking

Listen to the podcast: Radiolab: Patient Zero (Links to an external site.

Please, start to listen or read the transcript starting at the #00:16:00.23# mark where the program starts with a history of different hypotheses about the AIDS epidemics and the origin of the HIV virus. Your post need to be at least a paragraph long (at least 6 sentences) and you need to write 2 thoughful responses to 2 other students’ post.

Listen or read the transcript of the entire podcast starting about 16 minutes of the podcast and answer the following questions:

1. How did your thinking about the origin of HIV change and why?

2. Do we know who patient zero is? Why or why not?

3. What differences and similarities do you see with how we deal with the current SarsCov 19 pandemic which is also caused by a spillover?

Before answering Question 3 please review the following video on COVID19 (Links to an external site.)

and the WHO website on Zoonoses (Links to an external site.)

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