Luv Taub, a 32-year-old, married Hmong woman, presents to her primary care Nurse Practitioner complaining of a persistent burning sensation in her chest and upper abdomen. The symptoms are worse at night while she is lying down and after meals. She enjoys many years of cooking and eating “hot and spicy foods” common in her culture. She has tried drinking hot cocoa to help her sleep. She is a smoker and frequently relies on benzodiazepines for insomnia. She notes a sour taste in her mouth every morning. Physical examination is normal.

In this discussion:

1. Discuss this patient’s likely diagnosis. Why do you support this “likely” diagnosis?

2. Describe the pathophysiology of this disorder.

3. Discuss a plan of care for this patient.

4. What is the anticipated prognosis for this patient? What lifestyle factors might alter her short- and long-term outcomes?

Include citations from the text or the external literature in your discussions.

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